Client Spotlight: The Williams Family Builds Plan 14662RK

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, our clients build some seriously beautiful homes. Each and every one is unique and crafted specifically to fit the individual needs and tastes of the family building it. Since we get the amazing opportunity to follow along with some creative and inspiring client build journeys, we decided it was time to share a little behind the scenes look into the ins and outs of building a custom home as told by our clients.

Our clients, the Williams Family, built this stunning version of our popular Modern Farmhouse Plan 14662RK on their land in North Carolina with the help of their talented builder Travars Built Homes. We asked them every question in the book: mods, paint colors, advice – you name it. Here’s the inside scoop on building a home from some of the members of our ADHousePlans Family:

1) How they Modified the Plan

Did you know there are 2 ways you can modify an Architectural Designs Plan? The first is directly through us and the original designer by using our modification request feature, and the second is with your builder/architect after your plans have been purchased. The Williams went with the latter route and worked with their builder Travars Built Homes to make some seriously awesome customizations! You can see the original plans here.

  • Replaced the garage bathroom with a gym, but kept the existing 3 garage bays
  • Moved the garage entrance to the mudroom slightly in order to fit a table and create a “Drop Zone” in the mudroom
  • Increased the size of the kitchen island slightly & rearranged the placement of some appliances
  • Converted the rear porch into a sunroom (insulated, but not air conditioned)
  • Finished the attic space above the great room
    • Added a second laundry room and large storage closet at the top of the stairs leading to the finished attic
  • Extended the side porch in order to use it as a main entrance (since it connects to the mudroom)

Modifications can be the perfect way to make sure that the plan you choose functions in just the right way you and your family need it to. In the words of our friends the Williams’, “We absolutely love this floor plan. It is a dream come true for us”. Music to our ears!

2) Materials & Must-Haves

The exterior of this home has incredible curb appeal! Finding the right combination of materials and colors is the key to creating a beautiful facade for your home. Here’s what they used:

Choosing the perfect floor plan for your build can be tricky, so we asked what their must-haves were during their search. Making a list of your top of mind needs is a great way to help narrow down exactly which plans will be the perfect fit! Take a look at their must-haves and how they turned out!

– “A first floor primary suite”

– “No wasted space”

– “A functional mudroom/laundry room & large pantry for our large family”

– “Lots of porches to enjoy our beautiful views”

3) Advice for First Time Builders?

We asked the Williams’ what advice they would give to someone building a custom home for the very first time. They gave us some incredible insight!

My advice to first time builders is to enjoy the build process. So many things can cause stress, but take a deep breath and work with what you have. Because we built our home during COVID, we had to be flexible with some items that were delayed. I appreciated that our builder was able to work around delays and schedule contractors around some of the delayed items. I also appreciated the workmanship of ALL of the contractors that worked on our home–the masons, the wood/tile guys, the carpenter, roofers, the excavator, the electrician, the well guys, the septic guys and so on. The highlight of my day each day was going up to the house to see what was new. I always marveled at the work that the contractors did day in and day out.

4) Favorite Part of Your New Home?

My favorite part of my new home–is everything. I love this floor plan so much. It is completely perfect for my family. There are so many things to love. Having two laundry rooms is a huge bonus. But, if I had to pick one favorite thing about the house, it would be the kitchen.

This client build looks absolutely stunning and we are so excited to be able to share it. We hope this advice answered some of your burning questions about building an Architectural Designs House Plan.

Be sure to head over to Instagram and follow @littlefarmhouseinthebigwoods for updates on the Williams Family’s Home – including their four rescue pups, Reese, Ruby, Norah Bones and Pearl.

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