Building a Barndominium: 5 Plans for the Perfect Barndo

Barndominiums, or “Barndos”, are part of a creative new housing trend that are expanding beyond their original use as a practical option for residences on farms. Use them as vacation homes, guest houses, or even apartments. As these unique homes rise in popularity, we’ve been adding Barndos of all shapes and sizes to our collection.

We’ve compiled a few of our gorgeous Barndominium Plans that are perfect for anyone interested in bringing their dream Barndo to life. Here’s our top five:

1) Rustic Barndominium with Plentiful Features

Perfect For: A Full-Size Family Home with a Classic Barndo Aesthetic

This charming house plan is rich with features and details: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a gorgeous open living area. Designed in classic barndo style, House Plan #51867HZ includes the full scope of benefits found in a full-sized home. We love the outdoor spaces on this one. The rear grilling porch even has direct mudroom access, ensuring any unwanted remnants of nature can stay on your shoes and out of your living room.

2) Cozy, Budget Friendly Cottage-Style Barndo

Perfect For: A Charming Guest Cottage

If you’re looking to build a barndo on a budget, this sweet cottage-style house plan is for you! Our Exclusive House Plan #871007NST features a simple rectangular design, perfect for keeping build costs low. At 1,000 Sq Ft, this plan includes 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, and a kitchen and dining area. A wheelchair accessible main floor makes it ideal for all visitors. This cozy home plan would be well suited as a guest house or as a rental cottage.

3) New American Garage Apartment with Barndo Styling

Perfect For: Maximizing Above Garage Living Space

Gorgeous New American details add a tasteful finish to this stylish barndominium carriage house. Carriage House Plan #62322DJ features a 3-car garage on the lower level and a full-sized apartment on the upper level. The covered side patio is a great place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. We love that the apartment takes advantage of above-garage space that is often unused.

4) Spacious Contemporary Post-Frame Barndominium

Perfect For: Efficient Building & Spacious Living

Architectural Designs Home Plan #62814DJ utilizes a post-frame building technique. This involves large posts or poles instead of steel framing, concrete masonry, or studs, simplifying the building process. This Barndo is spacious and features gorgeous contemporary details, perfect for someone with a more modern style preference. The large fireplace and covered patio create a cozy feeling. We think this plan would be well suited as a vacation home, situated by a lake or mountains.

5) Cost-Friendly Barndo with Second Level Deck

Perfect For: Building an Above Garage Apartment on a Budget

Here’s another great above-garage apartment option! Plan #62930DJ keeps cost in mind with its simple footprint and roof. This attractive carriage house includes a spacious second level deck and a covered patio, providing the occupant with a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The apartment is well thought out, and includes ample amenities.

Want to learn more about this unique style of home? Check our our “What is a Barndominium” blog post here!