Cost to Build Estimates – Answering your Questions

Trying to figure out how much it will cost to build your dream home can be a stressful task. When you’re setting your budget, it’s important to have a well rounded idea of what you can expect the plan you’ve chosen to mean in terms of build cost. To help you combat the stress of determining if your dream plan fits your budget, you might want to check out our QuikQuote. This cost to build estimate is a service offered by Architectural Designs that provides an estimation on construction costs based on the build location and the complexity of the home plan.

How Do I Get One?

When you’re ready to order your QuikQuote, head to the page on our site for the plan you’re interested in and click “Buy a QuikQuote”. Select your desired foundation and enter your zip code, then place your order. Our team will then review the specific plan you’ve chosen in order to prepare your QuikQuote. Relevant data, such as zip code, square footage, exterior wall materials, roof type, etc. is inserted into the tool to create your custom quote. The report generated will provide a break down of the estimated construction costs for your review. 

What if I’m Not Building Right Away?

Just trying to get a feel for how much the plan you want will cost you, but not quite ready to build yet? No worries! The QuikQuote is not a one-and-done estimate. Once you order one, you have unlimited access to the tool for as long as you need it. That means if you order a QuikQuote in the spring, but aren’t quite ready to build until the fall, you can re-access your quote and update all of the settings. We update the market data monthly, so you can rest assured you’ll always be seeing current pricing information.

Want a larger concrete patio, or an increased wall height of 10 feet? Thinking about adding 30 recessed lighting fixtures, or a custom masonry fireplace to your living room? No problem! The ability to re-access the tool makes sure you can see how adding or removing certain features will impact your budget.

So…Do You Think it’s Right for Me?

The reason we offer the QuikQuote versus a free ballpark estimate is because we think it’s inherently more valuable to invest in a custom estimate than receive a generic one (that will likely be inaccurate). If you’re serious about building, having access to the QuikQuote tool can be a very helpful addition to your planning process. While ballpark estimates may seem useful, the reality is that there are so many factors that influence cost to build that they are very unlikely to provide you with an well-rounded idea of what it will cost YOU to build a home. Things like zip code can change cost drastically. We’ve even seen the same plan built twice in the same area with completely different finishes – needless to say the final cost for each build was quite different! So, if you’re looking for a custom estimate that will provide you with the ability to personalize the settings for YOUR home, then we would highly recommend the QuikQuote.

The cost to receive a QuikQuote is $44.95. Save money with a bundle of three QuikQuotes (priced at $124.95) when you’re comparing plans. When you are ready to purchase the plan, we credit the cost of the QuikQuote towards your order.

The reports provided use an industry-leading software solution by Xactware, Inc, which compiles building cost data. Material and labor cost information is updated monthly to ensure your report includes the most accurate and up-to-date construction costs. Many insurance companies and home appraisers utilize this software.

Think you’re ready to get your estimate? You can order your QuikQuote here, or view a sample estimate here.