Farmhouse, Bungalow, or Craftsman Style Homes: Build Your Dream Home

When building a custom home, you may find that you are partial to a particular style of home. If you were raised in a rural setting, the front porch of a farmhouse may speak to you, recalling memories of yesteryear. Similarly, California natives may lean towards the Craftsman style of home due to its century-long popularity in the region. No matter how your favorite came to be, this article will provide a brief description and history on some of the styles that are trending today. 


Farmhouse Plan 4122WM

Traditionally, farmhouses were simply built to house and protect the farmers that work the surrounding agricultural land. The farmhouse suggests a simple lifestyle, built out of necessity. Although they differ greatly, they often include front and rear porches, an eat-in kitchen, and both formal and informal spaces. This focus on function and simplicity may reveal why the style seems timeless and appeals to so many. 

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse Plan 14682RK
Modern Farmhouse Plan 14682RK

The modern farmhouse takes the relaxed and comfortable attributes of the classic farmhouse, and adds modern and industrial touches; think less rustic, more sophisticated. Function remains the focus of the design, combined with sleek lines and smooth finishes. A neutral color palette is found most often, alongside natural materials. 


Traditional architecture stays connected to past designs in a particular region or area, and evokes a sense of calmness and comfort for those familiar with the style. This style of home is the most common in the United States, and is a mix of many classic, simple designs. The traditional style subconsciously pulls on our heartstrings due to its connection to our traditions and heritage.

Traditional Home Plan 73439HS

New American

The New American style is not defined by one set of features, but a compilation of styles designed for the modern family. Open and spacious floor plans compliment warm and welcoming elements; invoking a true sense of family living. A mix of exterior materials, functional service areas, and sizable, attached garages are common with this style. 

New American House Plan 270000AF


The bungalow style was first born in India, and built as an informal, easy to build, structure meant for workers and travelers. Traditionally, the bungalow has a squarer layout, with a low-pitched gable or hip roof. The simple design was born out of the Arts and Crafts Movement, with a greater focus on craftsmanship and locally sourced materials. One of the most popular styles of bungalows is the Craftsman style.

Bungalow Home Plan 69655AM


The Craftsman style of home was born out of the Arts and Crafts Movement and first appeared in California during the early 20th century. They are known for their natural materials, functional aesthetic, and built-in cabinetry and woodwork focused on a greater degree of craftsmanship; proponents that seemed to be missing from the ornate Victorian homes that preceded them.

Craftsman Home Plan 500063VV

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