Hallmark Presents: A Holiday Home Plan!

Ever notice how holiday movies always seem to be set in the most romantic mountain getaways and castles? You too can build your own mountain hideaway (and it doesn’t have to involve a time machine or a genie!) Here are our top seven that could have come straight from the pages of a holiday movie script.   

1. A Storybook Castle

So, in the category of “yes, we have a plan for that,” this storybook castle weighs in at a comfortable and roomy 7,394 square feet, with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It even has a separate 1,200 square foot separate structure for either your in laws, or that small business you’ve been dying to start. Royal prince sold separately.

Huge storybook mansion with a fountain, turrets, and a car parked outside.

This home plan, 12013JL, is available, but there are some slightly smaller versions that could get you a similar feel in our Tudor home plan collection.

2. Mountain Inn (That Probably Needs Saving)

Perfect for when you have to return to your hometown and save the local inn that your family has run for generations from being torn down by developers. But not until you plan the town pageant and attend a tree lighting ceremony. Who knows, the mayor may even ask YOU to light tree because of all your hard work rebuilding the inn!

This plan 18773CK is available here, and we have an entire catalogue of other cozy log cabins available here.

3. Cute Winter Cottage

Perfect size cottage to get snowed in with your newly single childhood friend as you both plan the wedding of your mutual best friend!

Snow covered tiny stone cottage

You can get this house plan 69531AM here, or other similar fun out buildings at our full collection of small building plans.

4. European Castle (In Made-Up European Country)

Where else are you going to stay when you are hired to design the town’s annual holiday ice skating show in a made-up European country for the royal family?

Stone castle with turrets

This home plan, 44186TD, is available here, but if you’d like a slightly less grand version with the European feel, our French Country collection is for you.

5. Home for the Holidays

Perfect cozy getaway to bake cookies, make hot cocoa, and decorate a tree in! And you get bonus points if you do all three in a single montage scene.

Snow covered farmhouse style house with white siding decorated with holiday lights.

This home plan 56478SM is available here. lawn reindeer not included.

6. Magical Mountain Getaway

This plan has a large den and/or home office perfect for when you quit your big city job to move home to help someone rediscover the magic of Christmas.

Get plan 54200HU here and find other mountain home retreats in our full collection of Mountain Homes.

Have a wonderful holiday!