Plan Spotlight: A Look Inside a Designer’s Dreamy Home

Plan Spotlight: 911044JVD

Hello, friends! We have such a special treat for you in today’s plan spotlight. Our very own talented designer, JVD, recently built his dream home, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you! Not only is plan 911044JVD a stunning example of a modern farmhouse design, but this plan spotlight is also a reflection of his thoughtful approach to creating a beautiful and functional space for his family.

A Vision Takes Shape

When Designer JVD set out to design his dream home, he envisioned a sprawling Southern Farmhouse nestled amidst a scenic farm field. “We wanted a place where we could pull into the driveway and feel an instant sense of peace and simplicity,” he shares. When describing his new home in just three words, he chooses “cozy,” “practical,” and “inviting.”

How did you strike the balance between unique character and timeless design?

“No one ever wants a home that will go out of style. When working with a customer who desires a timeless design, I suggest keeping a few key considerations in mind:”

  • Prioritize your needs. What’s most important for your daily life? Make a list!
  • Embrace neutrals. Choose a neutral palette as your color backdrop on the exterior and interior to ensure your home stays current.
  • Integrate classic architecture. Details like clean lines and balanced exterior elevations create a lasting style.
  • Think long-term. Design for how you’ll use the space today and in the future. Think function and practicality to make your design livable and adaptable to future needs.

Plan Spotlight: Designer JVD's Dream Home 911044JVD

Functionality at its Finest

The family’s daily routines and hobbies played a big role in the home’s layout. Designer JVD says, “Grabbing a warm cup of coffee from our coffee bar in the kitchen, cooking and eating meals as a family, having a comfortable working environment for me to design my homes” – these were all must-haves. Ample storage throughout the home keeps things neat and organized, while the multi-functional garage can adapt to anything from family gatherings to scooter races (yes, you read that right!). “Even honey processing has its own dedicated spot, right there in our workshop located inside the garage!”, he shares.

The floor plan’s inspiration is an interesting story. “Our home design started at the bottom of the stairs. Since I was a kid watching sitcoms at home, there was something inviting about stairs coming down towards the kitchen that I loved. I could visualize our kids sitting at the bottom of the stairs, conversing about our day while my wife and I worked in the kitchen. As a designer, I encourage my homeowners to create living spaces where conversations can continue.” An open layout with a slight separation between the dining room and living room, achieved through strategically placed stairs, fosters connection while maintaining a sense of defined areas.

Sun orientation played a key role in the placement of windows throughout the home. Large windows bathe the interior in natural light and offer stunning views of the surrounding property, which was a high-value item for the family. “It’s a great feeling to walk through our entire home and not have to switch a light on,” Designer JVD says. “We utilize the natural light!”

Special Touches Make it Home

Were there any specific features you knew you absolutely had to have in your dream home?

In their dream home, the family really prioritized a few must-have features. “I wanted a welcoming front porch with swings and a calming Haint Blue ceiling—perfect for unwinding. Out back, a cozy covered patio was essential for hosting friends and family outdoors all year round. The kitchen had to have those cabinets that ran all the way to the ceiling for a built-in look. Plus, above the cooktop, a tiled niche for adding some personal flair with decor, like a gorgeous EVOO bottle” was at the top of the wish list.

They made sure to incorporate a laundry room connected conveniently to the master walk-in closet, with a handy chute from the kids’ rooms to keep things tidy. And of course, they had to have a warm, wood-burning fireplace with a stone surround for those chilly nights. The main bathroom got a sleek, curbless tile shower for a modern, streamlined look and easy access. Plus, they added a hidden safe room for valuables.

Are there any specific design elements you’re particularly proud of?

“I love the fact that we took the idea of an oversized garage from the Barndominium concept but still kept the integrity of the exterior looking like a home,” he shares. A built-in desk in his home office provides ultimate design inspiration, and a hidden mini door connects his daughters’ closets – a secret they’ll love! Other features the family is proud of is a custom bookcase door in the basement that leads to his man cave, and a garage that isn’t just for parking; they’ve added a metal interior workshop where everyday life transforms into honey-making central.

Building Your Dream

Thinking about building your dream home? Designer JVD has some valuable advice:

  • Make a list! Take a moment to walk through each room in your mind and visualize the perfect space. Think about what features are most important to you and imagine how they would come together in each room to create your ideal home.
  • Be prepared for the marathon. Building a home takes time, and there might be unexpected bumps along the road. Stay focused on your priorities, and don’t let minor hiccups derail your dream.

When it comes to choosing a builder, he emphasizes the importance of clear communication and “upfront planning to eliminate mistakes and financial surprises in the field”. He found the perfect partner in Helen Scott Custom Homes, who impressed him with their thorough sales process and commitment to minimizing surprises.

Today’s plan spotlight of Architectural Designs’ 911044JVD is a beautiful testament to thoughtful design and a love for family. It’s a space that inspires creativity, embraces connection, and reflects the unique personalities who live there. Visit our website to learn more about this fantastic home!