Save Money and Time with a House Plan, and Still Make Custom Modifications!

Building a custom home is a fun and exciting process, but one that can quickly become a source of frustration if unexpected mishaps make staying within the budget challenging. Decisions throughout the home building process will affect the bottom line. Start off on the right foot by purchasing a cost effective stock plan.

Stock plans are house plans that have been designed for a general group of people, based on features often requested by homeowners. Rather than being drawn for a particular family, these plans appeal to the masses. Stock plans provide a better value, with much less time spent in meetings with your designer, or architect. This article will discuss a few of the benefits to purchasing a stock plan when building your dream home.

Cost Effective

Purchasing a stock plan is hands down the most cost effective way to acquire home plans. The plans are already drawn and prepared, reducing time spent with a costly designer or architect. The size and complexity of the home affect the price of the plan, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Saves Time

Since stock plans are already designed by licensed architects, or residential building designers, the process is quite quick. Once you have chosen a plan from a reputable website, such as Architectural Designs, the electronic plans are available at the time of purchase and printed versions will be mailed within a couple of weeks. Be sure to confirm what is included in your specific plan before purchasing.

The alternative option of drawing a custom plan with the help of an architect requires countless meetings, taking time out of your already busy schedule. Instead, enjoy searching for the right house plan in the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient for you.


Although stock plans are ready to go, modifications can be made. Many plans come with CAD drawings with a copyright release allowing you to make changes to the blueprints. The cost to do so depends on the degree to which you alter the plan. If the changes are mainly cosmetic (move an interior wall or swap a sliding door for a window) the request could be relatively inexpensive. For more significant changes (redesigning the structural support system or adding rooms) the cost and time may increase.

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Once the plan has been chosen, it’s time to build your dream team of professionals. Click here to read about possible next steps for your custom home project.