The Forgotten Front Porch

The front porch was born in the mid-1800’s, serving as a transitional space for farmers to find shelter from the sun and store their muddy boots before entering the home. Today, the front porch has become so commonplace, it can easily be underused or even forgotten. Follow these simple guidelines to spruce up your front porch, inviting guests to linger, while adding style and color to your front entry.

Sitting Area

Should space allow, create a comfortable sitting area. The decor should be an extension of your interior style, arranging the furniture in a similar fashion. Make sure to choose outdoor fabrics that can withstand the elements in your area. Pull the design together with a floor rug or colorful welcome mat.


Go green! Did you know plants are said to increase happiness and improve memory? There are no rules to the size, shape, or color of the plants and flowers you choose to incorporate, but the additional greenery will add bursts of color and boldy enhance your front entry.

Incorporate Lighting

The front porch doesn’t have to only be used as an escape from the mid-day sun. Hang string lights to enhance the evening’s ambiance while watching fireflies dance in your yard.

Consider Size

Tiny porch? Don’t let that stop you from creating a cozy space. A small bench, throw pillow and welcome mat is all you need to add character and charm.

Following one or more of the aforementioned pointers is sure to improve the overall vibe on the front porch, thereby creating another space for you to enjoy with friends or family.