Tips for Designing a Timeless Kitchen

Designing a timeless kitchen can be a tricky task – we love a good home design trend as much as anybody. But if you’re looking to build your forever home, having a kitchen that you’ll still love in 6 months (or years) is probably high on your list of priorities. Making design choices that will give your kitchen a classic & timeless aesthetic will ensure that your space outlives trends and saves you money down the road. Here are 10 tips to help you create the kitchen of your dreams in your new build.

1) Use a Non-Tile Backsplash

If you’re not sure if tile is the right choice for you, using a timeless stone slab such as marble to use for your backsplash is a great alternate option to consider. Continuing your countertops up into your backsplash will help give the space a refined feel. It also provides continuity – drawing the eye upward and making your kitchen feel more open. A neutral, bright option like marble or quartz, while somewhat “trendy”, won’t feel dated a few years down the road, and can work with a variety of styles. We love the use of a slab backsplash in this build of Exclusive Newport Style Plan 270039AF .

2) Incorporate Custom Artisan Woodwork

If you’ve got room in your budget to splurge, consider having a statement piece made by a local woodworking artisan. Bonus points if you work with reclaimed wood – mixing antique elements into your kitchen is a great way to make the space feel more timeless. Our client built Farmhouse Plan 92381MX and chose to have a custom hood vent made by a local woodworker – we love the contrast it provides against their shiplap walls.

3) Use Materials with Organic Texture

Using organic elements is key to designing a timeless space. Including materials like the textured backsplash tiles & copper vent hood in this build of European Style Plan 14613RK helps to bring a classic feel to the space. Using products that all have similar or smooth finishes can make a design feel flat – try adding texture to bring depth into your kitchen.

4) Accent with Natural Wood

Accenting your kitchen with natural wood, such as ceiling beams, is another great way to bring a classic feel to the space. We love the pairing of the ceiling beams and the dark island in Plan 865000SHW‘s kitchen – especially the contrast they provide between the light countertops and cabinets.

5) Create a Gathering Space with a Large Island

A truly timeless kitchen will be a place that serves not only as a workspace when cooking, but as a gathering space for family and friends. A large island creates an inviting environment, and provides lots of additional counter space. Southern Tidewater Style Plan 340101STR is designed with a massive island that includes space for sitting, storage for cookbooks, and plenty of workspace.

6) Use Open Shelving as an Accent

If you’re a curator of beautiful glassware or china, incorporating a section of open shelving into your kitchen is one of our favorite ways to display your collection while adding character to the space. Open shelving creates visual interest and allows you to include some personal and decorative elements to a space that is typically more of a functional area. Our client chose to include some beautiful wood shelving in their build of Farmhouse Plan 4122WM to display their collection of china – a beautiful decorative touch!

7) Incorporate Historic Paint Colors

If you’re struggling to choose paint colors for your space that don’t feel trendy, looking into using shades that are part of a historic paint color collection might be the perfect solution. Brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore offer collections of time-honored paint colors that are inspired by various historical time periods. Don’t be afraid to use darker colors either! Our client built Exclusive Plan 29882RL and chose to paint their cabinets Pewter Green. Green kitchens have definitely made a resurgence in the last year, but this “trend” has actually been used in kitchens historically.

8) Use Darker Wood Stain

We love a good light wood stain as much as the next person, but when it comes to designing a timeless kitchen, incorporating darker wood stain is key. Dark wood has been a staple in kitchens historically and it adds great contrast when used in combination with lighter elements, such as cabinets or backsplash. Our client built Plan 710069BTZ with a beautiful dark wood island countertop – a choice we think adds a great classic feel to the space.

9) When in Doubt, Keep it Bright & Fresh

We know it seems too good to be true, but you really can’t go wrong with simple classics, like a white kitchen. When in doubt, choose colors and finishes that keep the space feeling bright and fresh. This approach will last you for years to come. It’s an easy way to swap out decorative elements, like a kitchen runner or barstools, every once in awhile when you’re in need of a refresh. We love the bright and airy feel of the kitchen in our client’s build of Farmhouse Plan 62970DJ.

10) Use an Organic Neutral Palette

We love the organic inspired neutral color palette our client used in the kitchen of their build of Plan 6916AM. Swapping out white for a creamy neutral like greige or taupe and pairing it with natural wood and brushed gold hardware makes the space feel elevated and classic. Pulling design elements with organic tones into your space is a great way to curate an elegant feel in your home.