Which AD House Plan You Should Build Based on Your Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition

1) Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

If your favorite part of Thanksgiving Day is relaxing with your cup of coffee and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you believe that the holidays should feel cozy & chill. You don’t have time for Thanksgiving morning stress – and if anyone asks where you and your family will be, you tell them they can find you in your PJs on the couch, watching the floats make their way through Manhattan. Our Exclusive Craftsman Plan 500050VV is perfect for you. Featuring a classic and homey aesthetic, as well as a cozy great room this plan makes for a relaxing holiday morning.

2) Run a Turkey Trot

If you look forward to your early morning 5K run every year on Thanksgiving, you’re hardcore, and probably SERIOUSLY have your life together. We applaud your dedication and think you deserve a house that matches your impressive energy. Our Family Friendly Shingle Style House Plan 14637RK is the perfect place for you to celebrate your post-Turkey Trot victory with family and friends.

3) Food.

You believe that the key to a successful Thanksgiving is a pair of stretchy pants and a delicious meal, and we totally agree with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re the master chef preparing the food, or if you’re just an enthusiastic participant, you deserve a space that will accommodate your ultimate Thanksgiving feast. Our Sensational European House Plan 14613RK has an incredible kitchen and dining area that will allow for maximum meal enjoyment.

4) Post-Meal Nap

Do you most look forward to face-planting on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner and taking the world’s best nap? Well get your cozy blankets ready, because our Mountain Craftsman Retreat 54235HU features a super cozy great room AND a bunk room. Endless options for taking your yearly post-Turkey nap.

5) Family Football Game

Whether you’re Monica & Ross Gellar level intense about the annual family football game, or you’re more like Rachel Greene and are just happy to be included, this being your favorite Thanksgiving tradition tells us you love a classic & exciting family gathering. Our Exclusive Craftsman House Plan 73391HS is the ultimate holiday hosting home. It even features an indoor sports court, perfect for entertaining that relative who thinks an NFL scout is watching your backyard family football game (and if you are that relative…we love your enthusiasm).