Architectural Designs & Ecologi: Turning House Plans into Planted Trees

As a company within the building & home industry, where large quantities of lumber are used daily, something that has been top of mind for us at AD has been finding a way that we can reduce our carbon footprint as a brand.

This past March, we officially began our partnership with Ecologi, a company who helps individuals and businesses participate in climate action projects through a tree-planting subscription. Since joining forces, we have been turning house plan purchases into planted trees in the US, Britain, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Madagascar, Kenya and Australia. As of today, Arbor Day, we have officially surpassed the 25,000 tree mark. By the end of 2022, we anticipate having planted over 100,000 trees on behalf of our clients through Ecologi.

Ecologi is committed to planting trees in only the most ecologically sensitive way, and participating in climate action projects that support the planet, biodiversity, and local communities. Through these projects, they have supported local communities by creating jobs, providing fair wage employment, and ensuring that 10% of planted trees are agroforestry species to create a lasting source of income for the surrounding communities. As of Fall 2021, Ecologi has planted over 25 million trees and offset 1.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

For every home plan purchase, Architectural Designs will purchase 10 trees. For every garage, shed, pool house or QuikQuote purchase, we will purchase 5 trees on behalf of our clients. This new endeavor is something we are so excited to participate in. You can view a live counter of the total trees we’ve planted here.