Top 10 Client Home Builds of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, one of our favorite things is to reflect on all the amazing builds we’ve seen throughout the year. To wrap up this year, we rounded up our Top 10 Client Builds of 2022! There were SO MANY incredible builds from our clients this year, if we had to pick all of our favorites, this list would be 100 houses long. Here’s a peek at some builds that made us swoon the minute they crossed our desks!

1) Modern Farmhouse Plan 56460SM in Texas

This stunning version of Modern Farmhouse Plan 56460SM was built in Texas by our client & their builder Yates Developments. They made a small modification, eliminating the exterior door from the home office. The kitchen in this build won our hearts as soon as we saw it! You can find them on Instagram @fiveacresfarmhouse and @yatesdevelopements.

2) Exclusive Lake House Plan 29882RL in Georgia

This build was the first we’ve seen of our Exclusive Lake House Plan 29882RL and we fell in love as soon as we saw it. This client made a few modifications to the exterior by altering the garage roof and eliminating the covered breezeway between the garage and the house. Our favorite thing about this build is how it is perfectly suited to the setting. The finishes they chose for both the interior and exterior help to emphasize the beautiful natural setting of the home. You can find them on Instagram @houseonquailhollow

3) Modern Farmhouse Plan 14679RK in Tennessee

Our client Southern Oak Construction recently finished up this incredible build of Modern Farmhouse Plan 14679RK in Tennessee on the most beautiful piece of land. The kitchen is an absolute dream, and we love every single finish they chose. You can find them on Instagram @southernoakconstruction.

4) Modern Farmhouse Plan 14662RK in Maryland

When we first saw the photos of this build, we were literally speechless. Our client in Maryland built our Modern Farmhouse Plan 14662RK with the most incredible exterior finishes – probably one of our favorite versions of this plan to date! They opted for horizontal tongue and groove siding instead of board and batten – we think it looks gorgeous!

5) Lake House Plan 62310DJ in Tennessee

This one might have been one of our most anticipated builds of the year. We followed along with our client & their builder Southeast Contractors from the very start as they built Plan 62910DJ on their lot in Tennessee and were so happy to see them finally settled in their home just in time for the holidays! This was the first finished build we’ve seen of this plan, and it definitely blew us away! You can find them on Instagram @thecamp2021.

6) Craftsman Lake House Plan 95058RW in Tennessee

If you couldn’t tell, we love a Lake House with a dark exterior. This build of Lake House Plan 95058RW in Tennessee by our client Biles Construction instantly made our favorites list when we first saw it. The large rear windows in the great room are perfect for taking in the stunning view of the lake.

7) Modified Modern Farmhouse Plan 14679RK in Virginia

We love seeing the unique modifications our clients make to plans. The customizations made by our client Baylaur Construction to Modern Farmhouse Plan 14679RK are some of our favorites of the year. We love the way they angled the garage out to the side!

8) Modern Farmhouse Plan 14667RK in North Carolina

We love the wood accents our client Judd Builders used in their build of Modern Farmhouse Plan 14667RK! They made a few modifications as well, including adding a fifth bedroom and fourth bathroom. The interior of this home is bright and beautifully designed – we think they did a phenomenal job!

9) Modern Farmhouse Plan 85324MS in Oregon

This build of Plan 85324MS is absolutely jam packed with incredible amenities. That, coupled with the fact that it’s located in gorgeous Oregon wine country, makes it one of our favorites we’ve seen this year! Amazing job by our client Chandler Willcuts – you can find him on Instagram @chandlerwillcuts.

10) Exclusive Plan 915047CHP in Texas

It’s always a great feeling when we see the first client photos of a plan. This beautiful build of Plan 915047CHP in Texas was the debut album for the plan and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Built in gorgeous Texas hill country, we think our client did an incredible job bringing this home to life. You can find them on Instagram @lorenhosearichards.