5 Home Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2023

One of our favorite parts of the year is reading “trend forecasts” for the upcoming season. We definitely think some familiar trends from 2022 will carry over into this year (don’t worry, textured tile is here to stay!). If you’re looking for some design inspo for your new build, or just trying to revamp an existing space, here’s a look at the home trends we think you’ll be seeing a lot of in 2023.

1) Bold Wallpaper

We’re calling it: 2023 is the year of the boldly wallpapered powder room. Wallpaper started slowly making its way back onto the scene in recent months after being a more controversial design element for quite some time. But searches for wallpaper inspo started spiking in mid 2020, and ever since the trend has gone from a more modest accent wall in the laundry closet to bold and bright patterns used to cover entire rooms. We love the use of a bold wallpaper in a powder room – it can give a small space an incredibly refined feel and add tons of depth. Our clients love this print by Morris & Co for a powder room.

This trend is definitely a result of the huge amount of attention maximalism has gotten recently. Minimalism had its moment, and while it definitely has a time and place, the large number of people spending more time at home since 2020 has created a rebellion against the “sad beige” movement. When choosing your wallpaper, be sure to keep in mind the size of the print versus the size of the space (too small a print in a large room can become too repetitive!) and make sure you like how the pattern looks in all types of light (a rainy day can make the vibe of a room change completely!). Happy wallpapering!

2) Textured Tile

Textured Tile isn’t really new in 2023, but it is definitely here to stay for a bit longer! The white subway tile trend of years past has slowly but surely morphed into a more dynamic option. High gloss, handmade tile with lots of gorgeous texture has been one of our favorite things to see clients incorporate into their builds. Vertically stacking subway tile is a great way to make a space feel larger, drawing the eye upwards. Plus, a high gloss finish can make a space feel much brighter due to its tendency to reflect natural light. The use of more earthy tones like rich greens and teals is something we’re sure to see a lot of this year.

3) Greige Kitchens

The all white kitchen: crisp & clean or stark & uninviting? You can be the judge of that, but regardless, we’ve seen a huge movement towards warmer neutrals in our client’s kitchens. The biggest contender we think you’ll be seeing a lot of this year? Light & warm greige. Honestly, we think it might be the perfect neutral. Going with a creamy greige for your kitchen cabinets adds an element of warmth and luxury. Plus, you can dress it up with a bold backsplash and hardware, or keep it clean and simple with other organic neutrals. Shades like Repose Gray, Accessible Beige, or Creamy White are all beautiful options to keep your kitchen neutral without being a “white kitchen”.

4) Stone & Stucco

We love the idea of incorporating natural materials like stone and stucco into interior spaces. A stone backsplash or a custom stucco vent hood add a beautiful organic element to the space. Integrating materials such as stucco and stone also add lots of texture and sophistication. Stone is a pretty key element of transitional design, so if you’re looking to add a more transitional feel to your home, consider working with more organic & textured materials.

5) Nancy Meyers Inspired Interiors

If you remember the “Coastal Grandmother” craze from summer 2022, you’re probably familiar with the buzz surrounding Nancy Meyers inspired interiors. This beloved style isn’t necessarily a specific look, but more so a feeling that the space invokes. Curated, familiar, calm, and personal. Not quite maximalism, not quite grand millennial, but somewhere in between. There’s been quite a bit of attention surrounding this interior style, and we think 2023 will only give it more time in the spotlight. Trying to get the Nancy Meyers feel in your home? Think natural and cozy elements – clay bowls with fresh fruit, soft paint colors and gentle wallpapers, freshly cut flowers, wool rugs, cotton, linen, baskets, books on display, porcelain pottery…you get the picture. We see the emergence of this style as a direct result of people spending more and more time in their homes. There is a growing need for a space to reflect the personality of the person living in it, and adding cozy and curated touches reminiscent of a Nancy Meyers film is the perfect way to achieve that.